DVE-5901 製品仕様

DVE-5901 VMEバスRASシステム 本製品はVMEシステムにおいて、RAS(Reliability, Availability, Serviceability)機能を提供するボードです。VMEシステムからの影響を排除するため、VMEバスとは独立して動作し、システムの監視を行うことができます。

・10/100 BASE-Tまたは、COMポートによる機能設定とログデータ取り込み


CPU Cortex-A9
Activity connector PCR-E68LMDA+(Honda Tsushin Kogyo)
Photo coupler insulation
Output point: 1point(another method is use of the two points +5V and GND)
Road withstanding voltage: 80VDC
Continuation load current: 50mA
Response speed: Depending on capacity of the work (when a work is 100Ω 3us)
Dilectic withstanding voltage: 3750Vrms
Photo Mos relay output Output point: 10points(in addition to, pair 10 points)
Road withstanding voltage: 200VAC
Continuation load current: 160mA
ON resistance: Less than 15Ω
Response speed: Bellow 1ms
Dielectic withstanding voltage: 150VAC
Latching relay output Output point: 2 points
Road withstanding voltage: AC125V, DC30V
Continuation load current: 0.5A(AC), 2A(DC)
ON resitance: Less than 75mΩ
Response speed: Bellow 4ms
Dielectic withstanding voltage: 1000VAC
Activity connector PCR-E68LMDA+(Honda Tsushin Kogyo)
Photo coupler insulation Number of inputs: 12 points(others, common 12 points)
Input resistance: 680Ω
Input ON electric current: More than 3.3mA
Input OFF electric current: Below 2.2mA
Response speed: Within 30us
Dielectic withstanding voltage: 3750Vrms
Temperature diode input Number of inputs: 2points(others, pair line two points)
Error range: ±0.5℃(Typ),±1.5℃(Max)
Number of inputs: 1 point
Input format: The temperature metering which uses K model thermoelectric couple
Error range: ±2℃(-29℃~220℃ metering)
FAN sensor Number of inputs: 3 points(others, pair line three points)
Input format: Based on a Sanyo Denki device-control van's pulse sensor, a locking sensor, and a low speed sensor.
VIH:0.8V≤30V,VIL: 0V≤0.4V
Ethernet Connector: RJ45
Number of the ports: 1 port
Telecommunications standard: 10/100BASE-T
PoE standard: IEEE802.3af
USB Connector: Micro-USB Type B
Standard: USB2.0
Virtual COM port: Baud Rate 230.4k bps(Max)
VoltageMonitoring Facility: Power-source supervisory of VMEBUS
Watchdog Timer Facility: Frequency = (counter value)x(standard clock)
Counter level: 1~255
Reference clock: 1,10,100,1000[ms]
View LED: VMEBUS standards supply power source: +5V,+5VSTB,+12V,-12V
Facility: Various status displays
Switch Facility: Buzzer shutdown,Power ON/OFF
Alarm whistle Facility: The beep at the time of exception
Electric spec Supply voltage: +5VDC±5%
Mechanical specifications 6Usize Single slot
Operating environment operating temperature: -20℃~71℃
Moisture of operation: 25%~95% (there should be no condensation)
Storage temperature: -40℃~ 85℃
Preservation humidity: 25%~95%
Safety Fire retardancy: Use PCB of the UL94V-0 grade
Overcurrent protection: Carry a fusing in a power sources
Other Environment: Use RoHS order conformity article with all materials
Electromagnetic interference: Consider it not to give unnecessary radiation

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